China Airlines – Taipei Tourism Expo Celebrity Live Stream

Campaign Profile:

The Taipei Tourism Expo (TTE), held May 4-7, was the biggest travel show in Taiwan in the first half of the year. During the show period, China Airlines rolled out special low fares for featured routes and used promotional events at its booth to drum up interest and get consumers to buy tickets on the spot.

Campaign Features:

Media campaign relied mainly on internet advertising, focused on major news websites, mobile media, communications media, native advertising, display networks and social media to maximize internet exposure. That was complemented by live streams from CAL’s booth featuring celebrities from the hit TVBS show “Super Taste” – Sasha Li and Fat Budi. The two offered exclusive limited offers on their streams that further created a buzz and got consumers in a buying mood.

Media Exposure  (20-30 minute live stream):

  1. 318,341 people reached
  2. 122,670 viewers
  3. 14,256 posts and clicks

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Live Stream Impact